Short-doc screening at DOQUMENTA Film Festival

Happy to have my short-doc ‘Brotherboy’ in the official program at DOQUMENTA Film Festival in Mexico. The short-doc ‘Brotherboy’ is about Australian Kai who is an aboriginal transgender and follows his challenges to express his culture during his transition.

The festival runs from 16-24th August.

See the festival program here.

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Sara Lysgaard for Børsen Atelier

I recently photographed art collector Sara Lysgaard for Børsen Atelier. Sara bought her first art piece at the age 17, and I photographed her at her home which she had decorated with many different art pieces.

You can read the story here

Print sale at Absalon

On the May 25th I will be selling selected prints at Absalon in Copenhagen. The print sale is held at Absalon for the first time and different Danish photographers will be selling their prints.

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Assignment for The New York Times

In February I worked on assignment for the The New York Times which was published February 27th. Together with climate reporter Somini Sengupta I photographed for a story on Copenhagen’s ambition to be carbon neutral by 2025.

For the assignment I photographed Copenhagen’s mayor Frank Jensen and visited different locations with green initiatives here among a new incinerator with a ski slope on the top.

Story published on the cover of New York Times and can be read online here

Story on refugees in Denmark for Jyllands-Posten

For a story for Jyllands-Posten I photographed Syrian refugee Abdallah Tamer and his little brother Qusai Tamer. I photographed the two brothers in their home for a story on the decreasing subsidies offered to refugees when they start their life in Denmark.

The story was on the front page of the newspaper.

Eddie Adams Workshop

From 5th -7th I attended the Eddie Adams Workshop in Jeffersonville, New York. The workshop is held once a year for 100 selected young photojournalists from all over the world.During the workshop there are portfolio reviews, panel discussions, a given photo assignment and presentations. Besides myself there were six fellow students at the workshop from the Danish School of Journalism.

Group photo by @jcphotomedia

Group photo by @jcphotomedia

Macau project published in Mare Magazine

This month the project 'A Chinese Game of Luck' was published on 15 pages in the German Magazine Mare. The photographs are combined with an article by German journalist Jan Keith. Mare Magazine is a quarterly magazine and will be available for purchase in German speaking countries from June to August. 

Short-doc 'Brotherboy' awarded

This month my short documentary ’Brotherboy’ was selected for a screening at the Australian film festival ’VMC Festival’. The film was screened during the festival in Melbourne which celebrates film on multiculturalism. ‘Brotherboy’ received an award for best film by director over 25. The film is about Kai, who is a transgender Aboriginal and focuses on Kai’s challenges to unite his aboriginal culture with his transition into becoming a man.

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Priest for Jyllands-Posten

I was recently assigned to photograph priest Rikke Weissfeld for Jyllands-Posten. Rikke has a different background than the typical priest, as she has been both an actor, a politician and was a punker in her young years. She believes in having a modern approach to the church and is the priest of a newly built church in the area Ørestad in Copenhagen. 

Photo editor of 'My Issues'

I have been the Photo Editor of the printed publication of Papercut Issues named ‘My Issues’ in collaboration with Fashion Photographer Louise Thornfeldt. Here are a few examples of pages from My Issues’.

The Guardian

This month I was featured as one of the highlighted photographers for a feature in The Guardian about Women photographers in the industry. The article was about the initiative Women Photograph founded by Daniella Zalcman which I am happy to be a member of along side a group of talented female photographers. 

My picture on the bottom right at the second spread